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Water lilies from Adelaide’s Botanical Gardens. Beautiful to look and and wonderful to paint.

One of favourite memories as a child was a visit to the water lily pond in Adelaide’s Botanical Gardens.

It has inspired this waterlily painting as well as a few others on this subject. I’m sure there will be more paintings of these wonderful plants.


In the middle of the Adelaide Botanical Gardens is a beautiful pond, the Nelumbo Pond.

Every summer Adelaide Botanic Garden’s Nelumbo Pond springs to life, with its sacred lotus flowers (Nelumbo nucifera) .

These beautiful flowering plants are commonly known as Sacred Lotus, or by its botanical name of Nelbumo nucifera.


For centuries, the lotus has been a divine representation of sexual purity and non-attachment and a symbol of fertility, beauty and prosperity.

Just as Buddha’s life was untainted by illusion and desire, so is the lotus – beautiful and unspoiled despite its origins in the mud. It is believed that Buddha was born on a lotus leaf.

The Sacred Lotus is the national flower of India and Vietnam.

Sacred lotus is an aquatic herb with submerged horizontal stems.

The sacred lotus has an amazing self-regulating thermometer. No matter what the air temperature is, the flower can maintain a very warm temperature of 35 degrees Celsius , even when the air temperature dropped to 10°C. Very similar to we humans.

It is believed that the flower needs to stay warm to attract the insects needed to pollinate it.

The Lotus leaves have a self-cleaning function too. When water falls on the surface of the leaf, it beads and rolls off, taking dirt with it.

Many parts of the Sacred lotus are edible including the rhizomes, young leaves, flowers, and the seeds.

The rhizomes and seeds are eaten in some Asian countries. The stamens are used in some medicines and the milky juice from the stalks is used in India to help with diarrhoea.

Very Old Seeds
The Sacred Lotus is native to eastern Asia and has been cultivated there since ancient times.

Seeds believed to be up to 450 years old have been recovered from a dry lake bed in China. The seeds were viable and were able to produce new plants, making them the oldest viable seeds known to man.

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is a 51-hectare public garden at the north-east corner of the Adelaide city centre, in the Adelaide Park Lands.

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