Abandoned Sydney Furniture


Original painting by Maureen Finck.

Oil on stretched canvas.

Ready to hang.

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Abandoned Sydney Furniture.

I spent many years living in Sydney, and return there regularly.

A favourite pastime is to walk around the streets of the inner city.

The changing patterns of it’s inhabitants are obvious.

The urban areas of Sydney were one the home of the less well off, the migrants, the students and the workers.

Due to gentrification and rising cost of real estate this is changing, and with it many of it’s traditional inhabitants are leaving.

The inner urban areas of Sydney of ten had a very transient population.  It was a common sight to see abandoned furniture left in the street when people vacated a property.

It did not last long, as there was always new residents looking to furnish their flat.

Many a Sydney flat was furnished with “borrowed” milk crates.  We made a whole sofa out of them – wired together and covered in pillows.

After the Mardi Gras the streets of Darlinghurst we awash with these milk crates after they had been used to stand on to get a better view.