The wetlands in South Australian have always been a place of inspiration for my art

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This eucalyptus flower painting was produced  after spending some time in the Greenfields Wetlands in Salisbury, north of Adelaide, South Australia.

I tend to paint what is around me at a particular time.  If I’ve been to the countryside, or I’ve been given a bunch of flowers, then I am inspired by this event.

The Australian landscape is a particular favourite of mine.

First, I  did a rough drawing to work out the composition.  I then painted the canvas in red and orange, depending upon where I wanted to place my eucalyptus flowers.

I love colour and particularly wanted to feature these beautiful blues and greens, and to contrast the red and yellow of the flowers. I hope my eucalyptus flower painting does justice to these beautiful flowers.

Most of the oil paint is applied with a spatula, with areas refined with a brush.


Extending over 114 hectares, Greenfields Wetlands is one of the first large, constructed urban wetlands in Australia.

Greenfields Wetlands came into existence in 1984. This was when the City of Salisbury prepared and approved the initial concept of developing 42 hectares of low-lying saline land into a stormwater detention basin and wetlands habitat. After Council approval in 1989, Stage 1 (25ha) was completed in 1990, Stage 2 (12ha) in 1993 and the largest stage, Stage 3 (72ha) in 1995.

This area of land has become home to over 160 species of birds, eight species of fish, four species of frog, yabbies, long-necked tortoise and numerous aquatic invertebrates.

More than 25 species of aquatic plants thrive in Greenfields Wetlands.



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