Magnolia On Audley Avenue


Oil painting on stretched canvas.

Ready to hang.

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This oil painting of magnolia flowers was inspired by a walk in my neighbourhood.

My neighbourhood has many beautiful and interesting gardens.

There are the gardens established by the Italians and Greeks in the 1960’s which often featured various fruit trees in the front garden, particularly lemons, olives and persimmons. Aussies of that particular generation planted lawns and roses in neat garden beds.

In the 1970’s, slightly overgrown native Australian gardens were popular. The more recent arrivals have more minimalistic gardens with lots of ferns, succulents and small trimmed plants, plants that do not require too much water. A few have returned to planting fruits and vegetables in their front gardens.

There are not too many magnolia trees, but I found one in Audley Avenue.

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 102 × 3.75 × 76 cm