Iris Flowers Revisited


Oil painting on stretched canvas.

Ready to hang.

61 x 51 cm.

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My painting Iris Flowers Revisited was inspired by a trip to Peterborough in South Australia’s mid north.

It is ‘revisited’ because I did not like the original painting, so commenced to paint over bits of it.  Hopefully, for the better.

Even though it has a very dry climate, there are some beautiful gardens full of colourful spring flowers.

This is the fourth painting I’ve done from one particular garden. This time I have chosen the purple iris, with its contrasting green leaves.  In this painting I have also abstracted the flower form

The genus Iris has about 200 species.  They are cultivated all over the world, and they can be found naturally in Europe, the Middle East, northern Africa, Asia, and North America.

The habitat of irises also varies a lot. Some irises grow in deserts, some in swamps, some in the cold far north, and many in temperate climates.

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Dimensions 61 × 3.75 × 51 cm