Finck Soup


Oil painting on stretched canvas.

Ready to hang.

61 x 51 cm.

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My painting Finck Soup was inspired by the beautiful soup made by my mother.

My mother passed away just over 2 years ago.  When a loved one dies, memories of their day to day lives can become very strong, particularly in relation to cooking.

My mother Marcella Jean Finck, had 8 children, so food was made in large batches.

She made huge slabs of coffee cake, and very large pots of what we called Finck Soup.

This wonderful soup consisted of grated root vegetables, celery, small noodles and beef. It had a wonderful, consistent flavour.  This was 60’s Australia, so garlic would not have been used. Nor did she use cabbage.  However, purple cabbage is wonderful to paint.

I have included only the vegetables in this painting.  With their beautiful shapes and wonderful colours as they are far more interesting to paint than noodles and meat.

Finck Soup was served from the cooking pot, not from a white tureen.

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